MAKO SUP FOIL 6.5 x27.0 SL

MAKO SUP FOIL 6.5 x27.0 SL
The Mako 6’5” is slightly narrower than the Manta 6’0” but has 10 liters more volume to
support the paddler’s standing weight. The nose has a more sleek and pointy design to be
more forgiving and to surface faster if the board pearls. The general dimension and foam flow
distribution enhance fore and aft stability and the bottom rail chines help mitigate the board
catapulting when you touch down and during steep turns. The contoured deck increases
side-to-side stability. NEW for 2021, the Mako 5’7” is designed for the more advanced foiler
as there are many who are rapidly progressing and in need of a smaller, higher performance
size. This board has a center channel to create a high downward pressure on the board’s
center, which assists you popping up on foil This also contours the bottom plane of the
board and fixes the fin box angles a few degrees forward, which sets the mast to the ideal
angle relative to the deck and levels the ride. The boxier rails move some of the volume out
to the sides of the board for greater stability. The full nose and tail outline give the board
good balance and ample volume for its relatively short length. The board works great both
as a SUP and wing foil board.
• Star Light (SL) construction
• Double slotted fin box tracks (9 cm spacing) for plate mount system
• Bottom Ergo-Undercut carry handle
• Diamond grooved textured EVA deck pad
• Double leash plug
• Gore-Tex breather valve
• Kick tail pad
• Foot strap inserts
656 000 Ft 

Az áthúzott ár az árcsökkentés alkalmazását megelőző 30 nap legalacsonyabb eladási ára.

258 953 Ft
Kezdete: 2024.05.07   Vége: 2024.05.25
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