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 Challenger Aero+ slalom sails

Challenger Aero+ slalom sails

Discount: 677677
Begin: 17/09/2018   End: 30/09/2018

Progressive luff profile, from the top to the bottom.
wider mast pocket in the boom area
LTA: brand new system that allow to adjust the sail base and the leech lower part

Profile more centrally located in the lower part of the sail
the sail is much more balanced during the jibes
direct connection in between the mast pocket and the sails body ( no more dacron connection)
negative leech outline
constant tension throughout the leech (no more slack in the top)

Higher speed:
Improved S-shape with a faster profile
the sail top does not work anymore relying on the elasticity of the material (no more PX05 in the sail body), but on the flexibility of the mast.
progressive twist of the leech. Comfort: much smother and easy to handle soft and simultaneous rotation of the cams no vibrations along the leech

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