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BIC Techno 160D windsurf board
  • BIC Techno 160D windsurf board
  • BIC Techno 160D windsurf board
  • BIC Techno 160D windsurf board

BIC Techno 160D windsurf board

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Begin: 31/05/2020   End: 15/06/2020

Strong and light weight freeride performance

Universal funboard


Great fun, very quick up to planing and fast in light winds, the Techno 185D is the perfect board to sail in light to medium wind. It's aimed at lighter weight beginner windsurfers looking to learn and progress fast. It's also ideal for bigger sized riders looking for a board that's got good volume and is fast up to planing, riders looking to progress towards a more physical riding style. Fitted with a retractable daggerboard for upwind sailing. Made from Thermoformed Glass Composite, it's got great stiffness and even better resistance to knocks. The fittings have likewise been selected for their excellent value for money.. An amazingly versatile board.


This legendary range is part of the history of funboarding, boards that are easy to ride, fast and versatile. The Techno 283 was the first of the new generation of wide boards. Since then, the Techno series has shown its supremacy in all types of water conditions and won much public appreciation : from the most demanding of racers (Techno 293OD) to lovers of long distance racing and cruising (Hi Ho)… not forgetting funboard clubs the world over and the most hardcore of funboard riders, they’ve all loved the boards’ performance, strength, stiffness and light weight, matched by the quality of the fittings. The whole Techno series is now accepted as the benchmark in their individual categories.



Footstraps: Ergoform x 4 positions: 2 + 1 centre rear on 3 position inserts

Pads: 5 pieces, 5mm thickness

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