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BIC Techno 133 windsurf board
  • BIC Techno 133 windsurf board

BIC Techno 133 windsurf board

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Begin: 03/04/2020   End: 15/04/2020

Strong and light weight freeride-foil performance

The brand new TECHNO FOIL is the ideal board for experiencing and enjoying freeride and foil-board riding. Conceived to do both to high level, it enables you to sail in much lighter winds, and to get maximum fun in the widest range of conditions possible. With the foil it's perfectly balanced and will have you sailing in as little as 10 knots of wind. The foil is wide, making it easy to get up, and to enjoy effortless control of the board itself. Remove the foil and you have a TECHNO that is powerful and very quickly up to planing, extremely responsive and high speed.

In this configuration you'll get the best out of it between 15 and 25 knots of wind. It's a "convertible" package that will please riders who want the best of both, light-wind foil riding and strong-wind fun.
The Techno Wind Foil is 100% Made-in-France using the BIC Sport exclusive ACE-TEC construction technology, resulting in a board with an unrivaled strength/weight ratio.

The Techno Wind Foil is also available as a "Pro" version, manufactured in C-TEC (carbon/glass fibre sandwich) that is ultra-light and rigid, delivering even higher performance and even earlier planing. The board was designed by one of the hottest shapers around, Jean-Marie Guiriec.

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