SABER Allround SUP (GC+)

SABER Allround SUP  (GC+)
SABER Allround SUP  (GC+)
SABER Allround SUP  (GC+)
SABER Allround SUP  (GC+)
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We classify the Saber a surf/cruiser because when the surf comes up, the Saber will not let you down. These boards ride like a longboard, carry speed down the line and cruise effortlessly through the break and on the flats. The pinched rails and tail hip in the tail allow the board to carve smooth through turns keeping you smiling from ear-to-ear.

This board is also designed as a stable recreational cruiser. Its flat bottom will give you the confidence you need in choppy waters and is perfect for cruising harbors, lakes or nearly anywhere you want to go. The Saber is built in SIC’s Glass Composite + Innegra™ (GC+) construction which offers both performance and durability at an affordable price.


Width Weight Volume technology


30.0" 24 lbs 155 L GC+


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Length 10'6"
Width 30.0"
Weight 24 lbs
Volume 155 L
Fins setup 2 + 1
Fins supplied

Three/four (Glass/Honeycomb)


Fun and smiling during your session!

The pinched rail and the shape of the tail make it possible to carve smoothly on the board. The turns are sure to be fun and smiling throughout your session. But in addition to it's qualities as a surfer, the Saber is also a board for cruising and riding. It's flat hull offers stability for rowing in the chop, it's the ideal board to move on lakes, marinas or any other spot. The Saber is available in a Glass Com-posite + Innegra ™ (GC+) version. This model is affordable in terms of price and above all solid.

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