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BIC Sport paddle 4 parts
  • BIC Sport paddle 4 parts

BIC Sport paddle 4 parts

Discount: 46
Begin: 03/04/2020   End: 15/04/2020

Asymmetric blades, providing moderate power for long distance courses and touring paddling. The long and slender blades give also more comfort in windy and choppy conditions. Fitted with anti - drip shields and mounted on a black anodized shaft.

The 4 parts are joined together by an elasticated strap.
Mounted on a black anodized shaft which can be detached in the middle for easy transport and storage.
Can be adapted to left-handers.
Blade material: polypropylene + fiberglass
Shaft: aluminium 29.5mm
Weight: 1.35kg / 2.98lbs
Length: 2.20m

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