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BIC Borneo kayak
  • BIC Borneo kayak
  • BIC Borneo kayak
  • BIC Borneo kayak
  • BIC Borneo kayak

BIC Borneo kayak

Discount: 608
Begin: 01/06/2020   End: 15/06/2020

100% convertible mono/duo

Inspired by the legendary Tobago, a best seller for 10 years now, the new Borneo is a brand new family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number of innovative features, notably the possibility of solo use in equal paddling comfort to double. Its innovative shape and generous dimensions give it great glide whilst retaining reassuringly comfortable stability. It's also got a large rear section including a big flat storage area.

There's innovation in the equipment and fittings too, like the integral wheels/ rollers for easy transportation. And there's a moulded deck insert for storing the wheels/rollers while sailing. Clearly a future benchmark boat in its category

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