BIC Bilbao Fashion kayak

BIC Bilbao Fashion kayak
BIC Bilbao Fashion kayak
BIC Bilbao Fashion kayak
BIC Bilbao Fashion kayak

BILBAO: Versatile kayak

The BIC Sport Bilbao is a versatile kayak that will suit beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Whether you’re paddling for sport, exploring, diving or having a quick paddle with the kids, the quality of its design makes all activities possible with comfort and ease. The fluid hull shape provides a nice smooth ride, while the deck shape and quality extras allow you to carry almost any load with optimum stability and guaranteed safety. Its size and reduced weight make it easy to stow and transport.


Sit-On-Top SPORT : Easy gliders
The kayaks in the SPORT range are already best sellers. The Bilbao and Tobago kayaks have helped create the BIC reputation in the kayak market with their combination of innovation in design, quality fittings, and a near-perfect stability/performance ratio. Compact and superbly finished, they are excellent kayaks giving great glide and superb handling for your most ambitious excursions and outings.

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