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BIC Yakkair HP One
  • BIC Yakkair HP One

BIC Yakkair HP One

Discount: 753753
Begin: 20/07/2018   End: 05/08/2018

Folded down into a carry bag, theYAKKAir HP is easy to carry on foot or in the boot of your car, and is fully inflated for use in minutes using a high pressure pump with a pressure gauge.


Total weight (bag + boat + footrests + backrest + pump) = ±33 lbs/15 kg


The YAKKAir HP 1 is designed for one person use.
Stable, fast, light weight and super comfortable, it's a fully-equipped kayak with a comfortable seat and foot stretchers coming as standard.



1 x Backrest - Footrests - Safety grab lines - Abrasion protector - Bow protector - Carry handles - Accessories' stowing mesh front & rear - Paddle attachment - Carry bag - Pump - Repair kitThe guiding principle:


The guiding principle:

The guiding principle of these innovative boats has been the use of multiple materials in the construction to help reduce weight, plus the combination of a keel and a high-pressure inflatable hull/floor to maximise the V effect. Result : the YakkAir HP series are lighter, perform better and give a more comfortable ride than conventional inflatable kayaks.

They have reduced wind drag/resistance and are easier to steer at sea, giving them a performance equal to that of existing rigid designs. YakkAir HP kayaks are perfect for your seaside holidays.

On the water, YakkAir HP kayaks are simple to steer and deliver excellent performance thanks to the dynamic hull design. Contrary to most inflatable models, you'll be paddling in the dry thanks to the rigid high-pressure floor and the water run offs in the double floor. And paddle comfort has also been improved with the use of a belt backrest as standard. Its smooth glide and excellent sea handling mean you can get away from the shore and go exploring in complete safety.

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