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BIC Yakkair HP2 Fishing kayak
  • BIC Yakkair HP2 Fishing kayak
  • BIC Yakkair HP2 Fishing kayak

BIC Yakkair HP2 Fishing kayak

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Begin: 13/03/2019   End: 31/03/2019
The YAKKAir HP 2 Fishing is carried in a wheeled back-pack for easy transport, whether you're on foot or by car. It only takes a few minutes to set up and is ideal for reaching difficult fishing spots.

Its high-pressure keel and high-pressure floor with their solid PVC skin form a highly-efficient V shape hull. Lighter but as powerful and comfortable as a rigid sit-on-top kayak, the YAKKAir HP 2 Fishing can also be fitted with a protective canvas cover.

It is made from sturdy material that will withstand potential damage from fishing hooks. The YAKKAir HP 2 can also be used for solo kayaking, by mounting just one of the seat / stretcher units in the centre of the kayak where the appropriate fittings have been incorporated in the design, leaving lots of room for all your fishing gear.

Standard equipment:
2 x Fishing Backrests with rod holders - 2 x Footrests - Safety grab lines
Abrasion protector - Bow protector
Carry handles - Accessories' stowing mesh front & rear
Paddle attachment - Carry bag - Pump - Repair kit
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