Mothership Air-Glide Inflatable (SST) 17' x 59"

Mothership Air-Glide Inflatable (SST) 17' x 59"


Stand up paddle boarding just reached a whole new level of fun with the newest super-sized addition to the SIC range, the Mothership ! This massive board is fun for the whole family.

Grab your kids or your friends and hit the water with what is guaranteed to make your weekend outing most memorable. If you are running an event, then grab a few and have some fun races. For the more adventurous crew, get some of your friends to paddle out into the lineup and catch some waves if you can stop laughing long enough to paddle in.

This board is best in class, featuring Fusion Skin Technology (FST) construction and equipped with numerous handles for the kids to sit and hold onto (otherwise known as the “Oh S#!T” handles) if you're playing in the surf. Get ready for some mega fun with the Mothership !

Length Width Weight Volume technology
17'0" 59.0" 71lbs 1200L FUSION SKIN
2 307 

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The MOTHERSHIP (FST) 17" x 59" comes with:
- SST (Single Skin Technology)
- 8.0” Mahi fin (nylon)
- 30 carry handle
- Tethering and leash D-rings on nose and tail
- Dual action pump
- Wheelie backpack and repair kit
- 4pcs FCS G5 (NYLON)


Length 17'0"
Width 59.0"
Thickness 8''
Weight 71lbs
Volume 1200L
Max Rider Weight 1764 lbs
Fins setup 4 + 1
Center fin -
Side fin -
Fins supplied 9'' Weedless Nylon fin
Fin Box Configuration STANDARD US
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